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Off Topic – Great MLB Story On Baseball’s Unwritten Rules


This has nothing to do with College Baseball or the NSIC Tournament but this is a great article on ESPN about baseball’s “unwritten rules” and how 3 different old school pitchers handled different situations – Unwritten Rules Violations

Kind of makes me think my pitcher/son should plunk someone next time the guy on 2nd is signaling signs to the batter.

Northern State Basketball – Don Meyer ESPN Story

northern state

I was making dinner tonight and had ESPN’s E:60 program on. 

There was a very moving story about Northern State’s head basketball coach, Don Meyer, and the aftermath of his car accident on September 5, 2008.  The accident may have saved his life as doctor’s discovered he had liver cancer while patching him up.  Meyer ended up in the hospital for weeks to repair his broken body – he ended up with a partially amputated leg in the process.

All along it was Meyer’s love of coaching that drove his recovery and his passion to be with his team.  He coached the season from a wheel chair and ended up breaking the record for most wins by any men’s college basketball coach – his record now stands at 910 wins.

You can read the story and watch the story preview here – ESPN Story on Don Meyer

Mascots, Road Games & Life

National Anthem

Every week or so I go looking for stories that might take us beyond the Northern Sun Conference and even Division 2 College Baseball to look for content that I find interesting.  This week’s stories are about mascots, road games and treating baseball players as human beings.

  • This first story appeared in the USA Today a couple days ago and applies to a Division 2 school, Newberry College, in Newberry, SC.  The team was caught up in the middle of the “nicknaming debate” surrounding the usage of offensive names as their previous mascot/nickname was the Indians.  For the time being, the school has chosen to go with NO nickname.  The debate at the school continues but however it turns out there will be bad feelings.  Newberry No-Names
  • The NY Times ran a story a few days ago about the University of Maine – Presque Isle and their Division 3 baseball team.  I’ve talked quite a bit on this blog about the challenges that northern teams face with the weather in the north but no Northern Sun school has the same challenges as Presque Isle.  The school plays its entire 37 game schedule on the road!  The team has not played a home game since 2005 (total of 2).  It’s interesting to read about the lengths the team has gone to be able to “play ball”.  College Baseball Team Always On The Road
  • Finally, you may have heard about the minor league baseball player who was traded for 10 wooden bats last year.  That story has taken a tragic turn as the player in question, John C. Odom, is now dead.  How much the trade played in driving his life into the ground will certainly be debated but the story raises good questions that we should all ask ourselves about personality issues and how we treat people as human beings. A Tragic End for Minor Leaguer Traded For Bats 

A Story of Sportsmanship


Well this story is a little off topic to the world of college baseball but it’s my blog and I saw a story I liked.

In the world of sports there’s a lot of debate over what makes for good sportsmanship.  Are we are becoming a world that is too politically correct or should show mercy for our opponents?  There was a great example just last month when 2 girls high school basketball programs in Dallas met and Covenant School beat Dallas Academy 100-0.  The firestorm that grew from that game eventually got the Covenant coach fired but also led to a lot of acrimony on both sides of the argument over what is “running up the score” and what’s right or wrong.  The Dallas Morning News carried lots of details on this story and the comments section is quite interesting to gauge people’s reaction and opinion – Dallas Coach Fired – Chronology of Events

Therefore, while there may be debate about what is and isn’t right it may be easier to find stories where we can see that sportsmanship was displayed and that it can make a difference.  Many of you may remember the story last year from the state of Washington.  In that college softball game 2 opposing players carried their opponent around the bases for the winning run when she tore her ACL rounding first (picture above).  That earned the girls lots of notoriety and eventually they won an ESPY.

Finally, I will get to the point of writing this piece.  Yesterday, a story was posted on Yahoo that really drew my attention.  It’s about 2 high school boys teams and how they did the right thing to honor their opponent whose mother had just died.  It was interesting that it went beyond what they did in the game and that these teams actually shared meals after the game together.  I think the most telling thing for me was this quote from one of the coaches –

“This is something our kids will hold for a lifetime,” Rohlman said. “They may not remember our record 20 years from now, but they’ll remember what happened in that gym that night.”

It’s a moving story.  I hope you might enjoy it as much as I did – Amid the Grieving – A Rare Act of Sportsmanship

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