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What To Ask Coaches?

In January & February I hope to interview a number of Northern Sun Conference coaches to ask them about the upcoming 2010 college baseball season along with topics regarding the state of NCAA Division 2 baseball.

The comments section at this blog have never been more active.  I’ve already started a list of questions that I want to ask but I’m giving readers a chance to chime in as well.  So, with that in mind, what questions do you have that you think would be interesting and informative to ask the coaches?

Player of the Week Rant – Further Follow-up

Players Of The Week

Yesterday I wrote a piece on this blog announcing the Northern Sun Conference Players of the Week and arguing that 2 players from Concordia shouldn’t have been selected.  NSIC Players of the Week – Prepare for Rant

The piece generated more interest and comments than any other that I’ve done in the blogs short existence.  Based upon some of the Comments I decided to take this one step further and call Nick Kornder, Assistant Commissioner for Media Relations at the Northern Sun Conference office for details on the selections made yesterday.

1. How are Players of the Week selected?

Each schools Sports Information Director nominates a player and pitcher by 10am on Monday.  The nominations are then reviewed by a 3 person team of the NSIC Commissioner, NSIC Associate Commissioner and Nick to make a selection based on their accomplishments.

2. Why aren’t coaches involved in the selection process?

Mainly because of the timing involved.  It would be to difficult to get responses from the coaches in the short window of time they need to get the selections completed.  Also, no coaches have ever brought it up.  They have talked about it at the league office but have decided it wouldn’t work because of the timing.

3. Why did you choose to pick 2 players from the same school?

They try not to pick 2 from the same team but it really is determined by the superlatives of the players nominated.

4. How much is caliber of the competition considered (for example, St. John’s)?

Sometimes they look at that, especially when they are considering players with similar stats.  It’s easier to do when they get into Conference play and the Conference office is more familiar with the teams involved.


The Northern Sun Baseball Blog would like to thank Nick Kornder for his time in answering my inquiry.

That said, I stand by my rant from yesterday.  If the Conference “tries not to pick 2 from the same team” and “does consider competition” then there was really no reason to pick 2 players from the same team this week.  There were plenty of other worthy candidates that played better competition.

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