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Taking my ball and leaving

Ready with Ball

Unless something strange happens, this will be my last post on Northern Sun Baseball.  It was a good run.  I enjoyed learning about blogging and am grateful for the response from readers and coaches.  While my son had a very good summer playing baseball (starting pitcher in Townball CCVL vs. CVL All-Star game) I believe his desire to play college baseball is over and with it ends any desire I have to continue blogging about the Northern Sun Baseball Conference. 

So I’m taking my ball and leaving the baseball blogging world.  I’ll get my writing fix by continuing to blog about real estate and life in Dakota County Minnesota here –

Thanks one last time to the regulars who made it hard to leave last year.  Your continued patronage was appreciated.

Best wishes and may your love of baseball continue.

Bill Wallace

Northern Sun Baseball Blog

Northern Sun 2010-2011 Offseason Thread


As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m leaving this thread up if any Northern Sun or D2 College Baseball fans want to use the comments to chat about developments leading up to the 2011 season.

Have a great summer & fall!

Northern Sun Blog On Break

Ready with Ball Edit

As was reported this past January, I’ve been operating this blog the past 2 seasons with the anticipation that my son would be playing in the Northern Sun Conference in 2010.  That didn’t happen but I kept the blog running for another year to see how it played out.  While he’s making noise about playing competitively next year it won’t be in the Northern Sun.

The June – December time period is extremely slow in college baseball anyway but this blogger will be taking a complete break for the time being.  The 2011 season and beyond for this blog is definitely in doubt as well.  I guess we will see what my thoughts are come January.

I do want to thank those readers that have provided positive feedback and encouragement over the past 2 years.  That response was certainly a big reason for staying on this year and helped me reach a goal of 100,000 visits.  Thank You for your support!

Finally, I will be making 1 last post as a place for Northern Sun fans to place comments if they want to communicate or share banter during the offseason.

My contact information can be found in the About page if anyone really wants to reach me.

Best regards – Bill Wallace

Northern Sun Baseball Hits 100,000 Page Views


Sometime this morning, the Northern Sun Baseball blog hit 100,000 page views over the life of the blog!  One of my main goals for this year was to reach this milestone which only a tiny percentage of blogs ever reach.

As you can see, there have been 1,647 comments – I certainly have appreciated the community of like minded baseball fans who have greatly contributed to the success of this blog.

While the future of Northern Sun Baseball is up in the air, it’s been an enjoyable 15 months. In addition, I’ve expanded my own skills as I learned a ton about creating content and using different technology tools in this “new media” age that we live in.

Thank You Readers!!

1,000+ Day


Yesterday saw 1,008 page views on Northern Sun Baseball which fell just shy of the all-time record of 1,041 set on Sunday May 10th, 2009 (the last day of the 2009 NSIC Tournament).

With the level of acrimony flowing right now I’m guessing we might break the record.   

An even bigger announcement is coming soon!

Baseball Anyone?

You know I really like a lot of you regulars right?

That said, the current trend of comments is not to my liking.  Starting right now I will be implementing Step 1 of my options.  From there I may advance to 2 and/or 3.

  1. Starting right now I will be deleting all comments I don’t like no matter how long you’ve been contributing to this blog
  2. If that doesn’t work, I will start banning anyone that persists in posting comments I don’t like
  3. If that doesn’t work, I will turn to moderating comments

Hopefully, if I start deleting 1 particular persons comments the rest of you can get back to discussing baseball or whatever topic you want in a civilized manner.

That is all.

What To Ask Coaches?

In January & February I hope to interview a number of Northern Sun Conference coaches to ask them about the upcoming 2010 college baseball season along with topics regarding the state of NCAA Division 2 baseball.

The comments section at this blog have never been more active.  I’ve already started a list of questions that I want to ask but I’m giving readers a chance to chime in as well.  So, with that in mind, what questions do you have that you think would be interesting and informative to ask the coaches?

NCAA Division 2 College Baseball Season Just 2 Months Away

NCAA Baseball Logo

The weather is starting to get much more winter like in the upper Midwest but in reality that signals the onset of another season of NCAA Division 2 College Baseball.  For teams in the Northern Sun Conference the first games start February 4th when Concordia, Minnesota Duluth and Southwest Minnesota State all play at the Metrodome.  The official start date of NCAA Division 2 College Baseball this year is once again February 2nd.

In fact, while there’s a lull in activity around the Christmas break, teams will be starting up their practice sessions in just a little over a month as most of the players will be cutting their holiday break short to head back to campus for the official start of the practice season on January 10th:


Upcoming Features:

Between now and the start of the season the Northern Sun Baseball Blog will be gearing up in the following ways –

  • Team Previews – Throughout December and January you will see me go into some depth on each of the contending teams in the Northern Sun Conference (not sure I’ll do them all).  My plan is to especially focus on interesting statistical factors from the 2009 season and discuss which key players are no longer on each team and how that might impact their success going into 2010.  Look for the kickoff article on Augustana in the coming week.
  • Coach Interviews – In January & February I’m hoping to hold live phone interviews with Northern Sun’s head coaches to discuss the upcoming 2010 season and broader questions about the state of Division 2 college baseball.  This will hopefully provide a better set of responses than our first set of e-mail interviews produced last February.  We’ll see how many coaches can make time for this but I know a number of them are following the blog so hopefully they can spare 15 minutes for this new segment.
  • Predictions – Right around the first anniversary of this blog (February 1st) I will issue my prognostications for the upcoming season.  Of course, that said, I did predict that Minnesota State would win the Conference last year and while they did well, I’m 0-1 in picking the top team.
  • NCAA D2 College Baseball Happenings – While my focus remains on the Northern Sun Conference I will certainly report on topics of interest all around Division 2 College Baseball.
  • New Design? – One thing I’m also considering is a new look and feel for the blog using a different WordPress template with a wider format.  Same great content – new bold look?

As is usual, I’m certainly open to feedback and suggestions from readers on content or questions they’d like to see on this blog.

Thank You D2 College Baseball Fans!


I started the Northern Sun Baseball Blog to track Division 2 college baseball and the Northern Sun Conference on January 31st of this year. 

This graph shows the growth in visits from that first day (3 people on day 1) until now.  As you can see, the growth has been quite steady – as the season has heated up so has the audience. 

In fact, yesterday saw the 10,000th visit to Northern Sun Baseball.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Northern Sun Baseball Reaches 1000 Hits

Big Hit

The Northern Sun Baseball blog came into existence on February 1, 2009 to coincide with the start of the 2009 Division 2 college baseball season.  In its short life the blog has gotten some good exposure through postings at both Concordia University and St. Cloud State (thanks!) as well as my consistent efforts to post on places where people who follow baseball congregate.  The fact that there really aren’t many other outlets for D2 Baseball or coverage of these baseball programs has helped my Google search ranking as well.

I’m sure many other blogs have reached 1000 hits in a matter of 2 hours or 2 days but I appreciate all of the people that have stopped by in the past 2 weeks to take a look.  Thanks!

Northern Sun Baseball Blog Expanding Reach

Starting a new baseball blog was driven by an interest in Northern Sun Baseball but also by a need to “get with” the new generation of communication out there.  I’ve always been driven by an interest to learn new things so researching and using blogging tools, search engine optimization and how to publicize your blog is interesting stuff to me.  Yesterday I added new options to make it easier to subscribe to this blog in a newsreader or subscribe via a daily e-mail (check top right corner).

Beyond that though, I also wanted to move into the realm of social networking.  So I activated a long dormant Facebook account and have been adding accounts for things like Digg, Technorati, Delicious and BlogCatalog.  Most adults think of Facebook as a college connection tool but I’m learning about it’s power to connect me to family and friends and see that almost everyone could benefit.

Finally, that leads me to Twitter.  For those that aren’t familiar with Twitter it’s the next evolution of social networking.  The best definition I’ve seen to describe it is “a social networking utility for staying connected in real time”.  It takes you from Facebook which connects you every time you are at your computer and moves to real time connection, especially when combined with mobile devices.  The best use I’ve seen actually is many congressmen are using it to update members on legislation multiple times per day – Tweet Congress

For the time being, I have set up a Twitter account under the username – D2Baseball.  I’ve also linked my blog to it so basically every 30 minutes it will feed any blog post to Twitter in order for subscribers to see my updates.  These can be accessed via mobile phone or e-mail.

There’s a whole world out there but these connection tools are bringing us closer together all the time.

Concordia Issues News Release On Blog


After attending a Northern Sun game on Saturday it occurred to me that I should be treating this blog like a real news outlet.  I recall other blogs like The Daily Gopher getting press passes to attend Minnesota Gopher football games.  Maybe I should be reaching out to the schools themselves as well.  I could save myself the $5 admission charge next time if I could get a press pass – hey, in this economy every little bit helps right?

I had already been thinking about sending out a questionnaire to league coaches as a way of getting exposure and getting some content for the blog.  So I drafted an e-mail to all 13 coaches and included the Sports Information Directors at each school as well.  If I’m going to cover the schools like a real media source I should get introduced to them as well.  On the lighter side, one of the responses I received was from Wayne State.  They wrote back to tell me that I had sent it to Wayne State in Michigan and that I meant to send it to the Wayne State in Nebraska.  My reputation as a serious journalist was already having problems.

I did receive an almost instantaneous response from Concordia University.  Their coach, Mark McKenzie, responded to my request almost immediately and was very gracious in doing so.  I’ll be posting his responses sometime in the next 2 weeks after I see if others do likewise.  What did catch my eye was that this morning I started getting referral traffic from Concordia.  I went to check it out and they had actually posted a news release about my 2 week old blog on their site.  Needless to say, I’m impressed by Concordia and their responsiveness.  Check it out here – Baseball Blog Covering NSIC Launched

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