A 5 Horse Race Shaping Up in Northern Sun & NCAA D2 Presidents Hate Sports


While it seems like the Northern Sun Regular Season just got started we are actually approaching the halfway mark (each team is scheduled for 32 games).  At this point of the season it looks like a 5 team race for the top spot and quite possibly a 5 team race for the 6th and final spot in the Northern Sun Postseason Tourney. 

Top 5 Race

St. Cloud State and Winona State sit atop the standings with only 1 loss each.  While the Huskies technically lead you need to factor in their weaker schedule so far.  Minnesota State has looked like they might be the best team but split a doubleheader against Minnesota Duluth on Wednesday to drop a game behind those 2 in the loss column.  Wayne State swept their midweek set against Augustana to keep themselves in the title hunt and drop the Vikings into 4th.  Had Augustana reversed the result it might have eliminated the Wildcats from the Conference title.  Keep in mind that they won it last year with just 4 losses.

News of Note

  • Minnesota State may be in 3rd place but they are ranked in all 3 national polls coming in at #24 in the Coaches College Baseball News poll, #23 in the Writers NCBWA poll and #25 in the PING Baseball poll (which gives very little credit to NSIC teams).  Mavericks in polls
  • St. Cloud State isn’t ranked in 2 of the polls but does beat out Minnesota State in the NSCBWA poll coming in at #13 for the 2nd week in a row.  Huskies Ranked #13
  • In what may be the most important news for NSIC teams – it’s looking more and more possible that the Northern Sun Conference could possibly get 4 of the 6 spots in the NCAA Central Region Tourney.  Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference teams are struggling.  Only New Mexico Highlands, Mesa State and Metro State have above .500 records in the RMAC and Metro has a 15-14 overall record.  Nebraska Kearney has a decent 20-14 overall record but is only 9-10 in RMAC games.  RMAC Week 10 Release  Northern Sun teams hold 4 of the top 5 spots in the most recent NCBWA Central Region poll – NCBWA Regional Polls

NCAA At It Again

Finally, the NCAA is doing it’s very best to neuter Division II sports even more.  They recently implemented their new “Life in Balance” project which cut down the number of athletic contests in many sports, including baseball.  Starting next year Division 2 baseball goes from 56 maximum games to 50.  On March 31st they announced phase 2 of their effort –

presidents and chancellors promised to extend the balance-driven review to other aspects of the playing and practice season

These holier than thou, overpaid overseers of D2 institutions have decided that sports should play just a minor part of a students college experience – all the while they are raking in millions in tuition from athletes at their schools while giving out paltry amounts of scholarships.  Their proposals are mainly around reducing time athletes spend on sports in the offseason – “

they would consider changes that reduce athletics time commitments during the nonchampionship segment. 

Proposals include –

  • maintain the 45-day period in which to conduct 24 days of practice or competition but preclude any athletically related activities from being conducted during the remaining 21 days – So no weight training except during the 24 days
  • amend the start date of the nonchampionship segment for spring and winter sports, which currently is September 7 or the first day of classes…later date could be adopted to give these student-athletes more time to acclimate to campus life before beginning their sport-related activities. – That’s really helpful to Northern Schools in trying to get in fall workouts and scrimmages now isn’t it.

For more details on these proposals you can read the press release here – NCAA Life In Balance Phase 2 Proposals

21 Responses to “A 5 Horse Race Shaping Up in Northern Sun & NCAA D2 Presidents Hate Sports”

  1. 1 IMAFAN April 8, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    Even though this wouldn’t work as most of these elitist jerks wouldn’t get it even than but they should be made to spend a semester with a person on a team. Every practice, missing every meal to do so and cramming their work in between, though I am sure the amount of actual work they have to do pails in comparison to that of the student athlete. I am SO sick of academia premadona’s who don’t get sports I could puke. I would be the first to vote out the NCAA’s existence. They are nothing more than a bunch of morons and leaches taking advantage of the very people they are supposed to work for. Typical government attitude and profile. Another idea, make them hold a real job for 5 years before they can be allowed to be in the organization. The NCAA sucks!

  2. 2 cu17dad April 8, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    Seems very unfair to me. I will read the whole document before further commenting.

    Does the fact Nebraska Kearny split with CU affect their abikity to be ranked higher? Obviously CU’s current record being less than stellar should affect them.

    What do others think about these propsoals and the rankings?

  3. 3 cu17dad April 8, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    btw… CU swept SMSU while playing in Florida. So I personally think they are overrated.

  4. 4 Dave April 8, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    The starting assumption with all of these proposals is that the athlete’s life is somehow out of balance. That somehow they are missing out on experiencing all the aspects of college life or that they aren’t spending enough time on academics.

    I think quite a few of us on here are parents of student-athletes. So, let’s ask ourselves if we think this is the case. For me, I can say that my son’s academic performance is better BECAUSE he is an athlete. There is a competition of sorts among the MSU team for GPA and if your GPA isn’t high enough you must attend mandatory study tables. Would he have that motivation otherwise?

    I am also very comfortable saying that my son adjusted much more quickly and smoothly to college life his freshman year also BECAUSE he was playing baseball. His first day on campus he had a close knit group of teammates to help him through all the new things he had to learn about and a great set of role models. These coaches don’t put up with any bad actors or behavior problems. They teach the kids that they are ambassadors of their school and have to act that way.

    These proposals are ridiculous and have no real world basis. They start out with a flawed foundation, so can’t possibly produce real positive results. The student athletes that I know have their lives very much in balance already. They don’t spend all the time that they do on their sport because they are forced too. They do it because they love their sport. These kids CHOOSE to participate in varsity athletics knowing the commitment that is required. They learn many, many things through athletics that can never be taught in the classroom.

    • 5 Dave April 8, 2010 at 8:08 pm

      I wanted to make one small clarification. These student athletes are not kids. I have to shake myself from using that term. These are all adult men and women and are quite capable of making choices about how to spend their time.

  5. 6 John Plasha Sr. April 8, 2010 at 8:04 pm

    Yea, What He Said!

  6. 7 Wow April 8, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    Just the other day I was discussing with friends what college sports has done for my kid. Taking 16 credits each semester, two majors, on course to graduate in 4 years, deans list, not a bad ballplayer.
    How he has learned to juggle his time schedule and become so very responsible and focused.
    The amount of friends in baseball, both on his team and others is unbelievable. The life long friendships you have gained and life experiences are untold.
    NCAA I would say you have your head up where the sun don’t shine on this one.
    Sometimes things get fixed even though they aren’t broken.
    Sometimes things are done just because having a job means you need to something to keep the job, right or wrong.
    I wonder what these guys are smoking and how long they have been smoking.
    My two cents.

  7. 8 imafan April 9, 2010 at 7:19 am

    I totally agree with the above statements and they were very eloquently put. That’s exactly what these guys don’t get and why I suggested these underachieving over thinkers who don’t think with their real brains at all spend the first freshman semester with a student.
    It is the best college scenario you can have when entering not as an individual but part of the team. Both of my sons played college sports and will be the first to say they did MUCH better as a result in their education as a result of the team and work they had to do to stay organized to allow the most success. (Not allot of video game and beer pong time with the fact that they have work to do that keeps them very busy and motivated.)
    These guys are looking at the big money D1 programs where coaches’ recruit kids purely for their skill and their own careers vs their academic prowess. That’s normally NOT DII. And that’s specific and capable of being delt with if they put some effort into overseeing those programs as they are vs. broad brush which they don’t because of the money so they choose to lump people like big government or big anything does instead of taking the time to understand these REAL kids and what’s really happening in their world.
    Isn’t there a statistic that at certain levels DII vs. D1 that the student athletes are actually ahead of the general population in academics and have a higher graduation and GPA?
    Get a job! (Do yours properly!)
    None of these people have ever had a horse in the race. I am quite sure most of thier children have not “wasted their time” with athletics – the sweaty stupid vermin jocks. How do you come from there with any real views?

  8. 9 cu17dad April 9, 2010 at 11:43 am

    It looks to me like adminstrators of education are trying too hard. Most D-2 athletes I have met work diligently to make academics a number 1 goal.

    It does help having some one of similar interests working with and helping you integrate into college life immediately. Have goals and time management targets allows young adults to grow into organized individuals.

  9. 10 Dave April 10, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    MSU drops one to Mary today 3-2. They could only muster 5 hits off a pitcher with an ERA of over 11. Add in 2 errors at crucial spots in the game and you’ve got another conference loss to a team that they should not be losing to. It could be interesting tomorrow. It is going to be very hard to win the conference with more than 3 losses this year. MSU’s chances are pretty slim now.

    • 11 John Plasha Sr. April 10, 2010 at 10:28 pm

      MSU isn’t the only one to split today. St. Cloud, Winona, and Augustana all lost one so far this weekend. Don’t look now boys and girls but we got a log jam at the top of the NSIC.

      • 12 Dave April 11, 2010 at 9:00 am

        Wow. No kidding. Not only is it going to be a tight race for the regular season that conference tournament is going to be something else. Really looking forward to it. Today is a new day and the race is tighter than I expected it to be. The MSU/St. Cloud, MSU/Wayne, and Wayne/St. Cloud series are going to be great. The best teams playing the best teams is what it’s all about.

        I have to think that Winona has a leg up on the rest with the easier schedule the rest of the way.

  10. 13 cu17dad April 12, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    The race will go down to the last out. Each of the top 4 teams should be in contention until May 2 game 2.

    Winona finishes with CU. Last year CU won the series. There will more pressure on Winona to repay the debt but the scrappy Bears can play with anyone on any given day. Several of their wins have come against Nationally ranked teams.

    Sunday’s games were played in an awesome venue. I can only imagine the enue for a conference tournament.

    • 14 Wow April 12, 2010 at 6:37 pm

      Winona is the best team Augie has played in my opinion. Did all the right things to win the close games,even though we did win one of those. Augie will hopefully get some of their pitchers that were the
      main guys from last year back and on track.

    • 15 John Plasha Sr. April 12, 2010 at 7:04 pm

      I was there from start to finish at the Conference tournament held at Joe Faber field last year and it was a great all around experiance. (Well except for the 2 1-run losses to MSU in the final) And actually they were 2 great games. 4 days of some great baseball. You won’t be dissapointed if you make the trip.

      • 16 Dave April 12, 2010 at 7:11 pm

        I can second that. I was also there for the whole thing last year. Good baseball at a really great facility. My only complaint was the cold. Hopefully the weather is nicer this year. I plan to be there for the whole thing this year too.

  11. 17 IMAFAN April 13, 2010 at 10:43 am

    It is a great venue. I need to stay till the end this year…

    Looks like NM Highlands is going to be able to duck Co. State Pueblo again. Is there a downside in ducking competition inter-league? Not saying they are purposefully, but if you can without repercussion could it happen? Is there a downside to doing this? If not, why not?

  12. 18 cu17dad April 13, 2010 at 11:56 am

    Who is the weakest team of the tp 6? Will any of them fall to .500?

  13. 19 Anonymous April 13, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    Devries (CSP) and Schrader (SMSU) are your NSIC hitter and pitcher of the week. Both of these young men had outstanding weeks

    • 20 Dave April 13, 2010 at 2:24 pm

      I was watching the live blog from St. Cloud on Sunday (which was really cool and I wiah more of the teams did that) and every time DeVries came to the plate the guy blogging made a comment about him being a Husky killer. He sure had a good weekend. Congrats to both he and Schrader.

  14. 21 imafan April 13, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    Weakest in top 6. I think its a no brainer. SW would fall below 500 but they have the weakest schedule. I think they might even though?

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