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NCAA Division 2 Sports – The Leaders Know Best

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The NCAA is making final plans for changes that will affect all of Division 2 sports as they continue to emphasize academics at the expense of the current athletic structure.  As has been discussed numerous times before (D2 Proposal Advancing), they are looking to reduce the number of in season contests in many sports and looking to reduce the length of time it takes to play Championship Tournaments.

  • Bylaw 17 goes to the NCAA Convention in January where it is expected to pass.  This change will reduce the number of regular season Division 2 college baseball games from a maximum of 56 to 50.  They also are looking at pushing back the start date for the baseball season toward the middle of February from its current early February start.  At least 9 other D2 sports are affected by this proposal as well.  Proposed NCAA Bylaw 17 Changes
  • In addition to shortening the NCAA Division 2 college baseball regular season, the NCAA Championships Committee has agreed to reduce the length of the D2 College World Series and compress it from its current 8 day format to a 6 day format.  The number of games played in the double elimination tourney wouldn’t change fortunately.  What this does do is really emphasize pitching depth.  The Committee also confirmed Cary, NC as the College World Series location through 2011.  D2 Championships Panel Okay’s Changes
  • Finally, the NCAA D2 Committee’s, in addition to pushing this new package of “sports/academics balance” plans has published a new website to try and promote a better “game environment and sportsmanship”.   They have a new website to promote this approach – NCAA Division II Game Environment

Without getting too controversial – lets just say I’m not a big fan of the NCAA’s powers that be and their decisions on these topics.  D2 sports brings these schools a crapload of money – heck they promote the whole “I Chose D2” brand to talk about the benefits of playing D2 sports (along with their miniscule scholarships).  Now the message is “academics over sports” and “everybody play nice together”.  Just a bunch of overpaid academic heads deciding they know best if you ask me.  Rant off.

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