NCAA Considers Cuts To D1 College Baseball Season

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Yesterday, I wrote about how the NCAA is considering changes to Division 2 college baseball that would reduce the maximum number of games played from 56 to 50 (D2 College Baseball Game Reductions).  With that in mind I thought it would be worthwhile to investigate whether the same thing was being proposed for Division 1 college baseball.

Sure enough, the NCAA Division 1 Legislative Council is planning on meeting on April 20, 2009 where the following proposals are being considered (Legislative Council To Vote on Proposals):

  • 2008-46 – Would add a 14th week to the college baseball season
  • 2008-48 – Would reduce the number of allowable baseball games from 56 to 52

Recently, the NCAA made some broad changes to D1 college baseball such as transfer rules, scholarship rule changes and the uniform start date.  The uniform start date had the effect of leveling the playing field for north and south schools but compacted the schedules which means schools and their student athletes are having to travel more to get in a full slate of games in the time allotted.  These 2 proposals take different tactics to solve that perceived issue.  Either make the season longer or reduce the number of games.

Proposal 2008-46 – Add a 14th Week to season

  • This proposal tries to address the compressed schedule by making the season longer.  The problem with that is it either adds another week at the beginning of the season which hurts the northern schools or pushes back the season even more into summer which impacts the College World Series and has students playing even longer into the season when school is probably over.
  • The NCAA received comments on this proposal – 15 schools supported the proposal and 6 opposed it.  If you look at the individual comments though it is almost universal that southern schools want the extra week at the beginning and northern schools at the end.  The comments are on page 24 of the Agenda Supplement – NCAA April Agenda Supplement Part 3

Proposal 2008-48 – Reduce allowable D1 college baseball games from 56 to 52

  • This proposal aims to reduce the impact of a compacted schedule by reducing the number of games played.
  • The NCAA received comments on this proposal – 19 supported it, 31 opposed it and 2 abstained.  It’s a pretty interesting read to see the comments of each individual school.  The comments are on pages 25-29 of the Agenda Supplement – NCAA April Agenda Supplement Part 3

Action on these items will be finalized by the D1 Board of Directors at a meeting on April 30th so we’ll know the results soon.

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