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NCAA Recommending Reductions in D2 College Baseball Games Played

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While visiting the site this morning I came across a small news item that says “Management Council to continue playing season discussion” (NCAA Management Council Item).  What is talks about is that the NCAA is considering proposals to reduce the length of season and number of contests in a number of sports.  I thought I better check this out further to see the impact on D2 college baseball.

Digging deeper, the Management Council has their upcoming April 20-21 meeting agenda online including links to their Supplements with the notes about their recommendations.  Supplement number 28 is the background document they are distributing to discuss changes to seasons and practice schedules.  NCAA Management Council Supplement 28

The reason for these discussions is stated here –

The positioning statement of the platform focuses on the “balance and integration” of “academic achievement, learning in high-level athletic competition and development of positive societal attitudes in service to the community.” The Presidents Council has asked whether student athletes are spending too much time practicing and competing on the field, pool or mat to achieve and maintain this balance.

Based upon these discussions, the NCAA is considering 2 different scenario options –

  1. Reducing the maximum number of Division 2 college baseball games from 56 to 50.  This option is their recommendation under BOTH options.
  2. Under 1 of the options, they are proposing a change in the start date of D2 college baseball.  Option 2 leaves it at February 1st, but Option 1 uses a start date of the second Thursday in February.  That would be Feb 11 in 2010 and Feb 10 in 2011.
  3. Neither scenario is currently making recommendations to change the fall practice period, preseason start date (January 10 or first day of classes) or the D2 Championship dates.

It sounds like the Management Council is still seeking input from Athletic Directors and Conference Commissioners so there’s certainly a chance that things will change before the summer when it will become more finalized.

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