College Baseball Recruiting

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I’ve come across a number of resources & articles recently that talk to the college baseball recruiting process and experience that I thought I’d share.

First of all, this video is from Wayne Mazzoni who is the pitching coach at Division 1’s Sacred Heart.  He has great advice to high school players and parents for how to use video and what he’s looking for to find who they are interested in.  I like that he talks about the importance of “getting outs” vs. how hard someone can throw.

Players and parents might also want to look at the following resources:

  • The NCAA has a number of resources that all high school players should know about, especially the process for going through the NCAA Clearinghouse and eligibility requirements – NCAA Information for College Bound Athletes
  • The National Collegiate Scouting Association has some good guidelines for baseball players to help them understand what type level of college baseball they might fit into best based upon their high school stats, body type and throwing speed – NCSA Recruiting Guidelines
  • The Baseball Factory Blog has some great articles including this most recent one on D1-itis.  They have seen lots of players have dreams of playing Division 1 college baseball when they might be happier and get to play more at a lower level – Don’t Catch D1-itis!
  • Kelly Kulina from The Baseball Factory has a ton of great content for high school players on selecting the best fit and getting noticed.  You might start with this article on picking the best school but search his stuff for lots of good stories – Getting It Right the First Time – Part 1
  • Finally, you might want to be looking at Showcases as a way to get some exposure to the recruiting process and college coaches.  The biggest one in Minnesota each year is the Showtime Sports event but there are others too.  Your high school coach should help nominate you – Minnesota High School Showcase

Hopefully a few high school students and parents will find some resources that will help them through this stressful process and find the right school to continue playing baseball.

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