Northern Sun D2 College Baseball Poll – 3/10/09

Northern Sun D2 Poll1

Finally, all 3 Division 2 college baseball polls have been released as this afternoon saw the release of the first National College Baseball Writers Association Poll – NCBWA Poll

The Northern Sun D2 College Baseball Poll is a combination of all 3 major rating polls (College Baseball News, Ping!Baseball & NCBWA).  It weights all the teams from 1-30, gives them an inverse number of points and then combines all 3 polls together.

The Northern Sun Baseball Blog recognizes Southern Arkansas as the #1 Division 2 College Baseball Team.  There are no Northern Sun Conference teams in the Top 30 this week but Concordia University did receive votes and would be ranked #31.


Others receiving votes:

Concordia 12, Pfeiffer 10, Mount Olive 9, UT – Permian Basin 9, Col. State – Pueblo 7, Caldwell College 6, Tusculum 6, St. Mary’s – Texas 5, Northern Kentucky 4, Nebraska Omaha 1, West Florida 1

College Baseball News Poll

Ping!Baseball Poll

2 Responses to “Northern Sun D2 College Baseball Poll – 3/10/09”

  1. 1 SCSU March 12, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    Dont know if you’ve seen it but there is a site that is dedicated to Division I Baseball at…it also does its own composite poll, very similar to this one….a great college baseball site.

  2. 2 fishingmn March 13, 2009 at 4:28 am

    Thanks SCSU – I had been to that site before but hadn’t seen their composite D1 poll. I may have to reach out to them.

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