D2’s St. Augustine – 1 Doubleheader, 2 No-Hitters


St. Augustine College of Cary, NC made big news in college baseball yesterday as the Falcons won both ends of a doubleheader with no-hitters!

The Falcons squared off against a Division 3 team, Lincoln University, and won 10-1 and 25-2.  Lincoln’s only runs came on a couple walks and infield ground out that scored a run in game 1 and a couple free passes along with a couple errors in the 2nd game. 

Now admittedly, Lincoln is not very good.  The team is 0-9 on the season and finished last year 1-22-1.  The Falcon’s had 20 stolen bases on the day to give you an idea of the difference in play between the teams.  Even with these impressive wins, St. Augustine only improved their record to 4-8 on the season.

That said, it seems like this is a pretty exceptional feat no matter what the level of competition.  The only other reference to this happening I could find was in reference to a community college team – 3 No-hitters in 2 days  I hardly think that counts as the same.

Here are some of the stories on the accomplishment –

1 Response to “D2’s St. Augustine – 1 Doubleheader, 2 No-Hitters”

  1. 1 SCSU March 14, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    with metal bats, any no-hitter is impressive in college baseball…no matter the quality of opponent

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