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This is my 5th entry in my series of questionnaire responses I received from coaches in the Northern Sun Conference.

Augustana College features a new, first year head coach in Tim Huber.  Huber came to the Vikings after completing 4 seasons as head coach of Dakota County Technical College (DCTC) in Rosemount, MN where his teams improved every year.  The year before his arrival, DCTC had finished 5-30.  In his first season, Tim lead the team to a 19-20-1 record and by his last season they were 1 game away from advancing to the Community College World Series with a 31-16 record.  He also has strong ties to the Northern Sun Conference having been an Assistant Coach at Southwest Minnesota State from 2003-04 and having played his collegiate baseball career with Minnesota State.  During his career as an outfielder for the Mavericks (1997-2001) he was named All-Conference twice and helped the team to 4 conference titles.  Tim Huber Bio

1. In what area(s) are you looking for your team to make the biggest improvement over 2008?

My first year its so tough to say but overall our pitchers need to walk less guys and give us a chance.

2. What newcomers to your team look like they will make the biggest impact?


3. What’s your philosophy regarding recruiting out of high school vs. college transfers?

At Augustana we have a very high academic profile.  Quite often junior college players have a difficult time with grades (if I can generalize).  So quite often the best type of fit for us will be high school students with a good academic status.  With that being said I was a head coach at a junior college for 4 years and have developed some connections at that level, so I am sure we will bring in a junior college player or two each year to help with immediate needs at certain positions.  Bottom line is we want players with talent who can help us win at a high level who are also looking for a great academic experience.

4. What Northern Sun team do you consider to be your schools biggest rival?

At this point none.  I’m sure one or two will develop.

5. Who has been the biggest influence on your coaching philosophy and/or career?

There is not one single person who has influenced the way I coach and my career.  There are several people who have been big factors and who I owe a ton of gratitude to.  First is Barry Wohler, my high school FB coach, who showed me what it was like to have passion for coaching and how to get the most out of your players.  Second was Dean Bowyer, my college coach at Mankato State.  I learned so many things about the game of baseball from “7”.  Like Coach Bowyer, I hate to lose and work very hard to make sure my teams are successful.  Yet respecting teammates, other players, coaches, and the game; having good character, playing hard, and developing relationships that last a lifetime are just a few things I learned that are even more important.  Probably the most important thing I learned from “7” was how to teach and coach in the fall and winter and then when the spring season starts, let the players play the game.  In my short time with Matt Parrington at Macalester I was lucky enough to be able to really teach and help players develop.  Parr helped me understand some important organizational aspects as well.  The last person who influenced my coaching career was Paul Blanchard at Southwest MN State.  Coach Blanchard is a “baseball guy” through and through.  From him I learned a lot about teaching the finer points of the game.  How to make sure your team was prepared for every situation that could come up.  I also learned from Blanch what it was like to work hard and commit countless hours to scouting and recruiting.  To these men I am eternally grateful for helping me get into the great profession of a college baseball coach.

The Northern Sun Baseball Blog would like to thank Tim Huber for taking time out of his schedule to answer these questions.

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