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Northern Sun Baseball Reaches 1000 Hits

Big Hit

The Northern Sun Baseball blog came into existence on February 1, 2009 to coincide with the start of the 2009 Division 2 college baseball season.  In its short life the blog has gotten some good exposure through postings at both Concordia University and St. Cloud State (thanks!) as well as my consistent efforts to post on places where people who follow baseball congregate.  The fact that there really aren’t many other outlets for D2 Baseball or coverage of these baseball programs has helped my Google search ranking as well.

I’m sure many other blogs have reached 1000 hits in a matter of 2 hours or 2 days but I appreciate all of the people that have stopped by in the past 2 weeks to take a look.  Thanks!

Northern Sun Coach Survey – Mark Gulseth

northern state

This is my 3rd entry in my series of questionnaire responses I received from coaches in the Northern Sun Conference.

Mark Gulseth is entering his 2nd season as head coach of the Northern State University baseball team.  In his first season he led the Wolves to a 15-28 record which was just the 3rd time in the past 10 years that NSU has cracked the 15 win barrier.  He comes from a strong track record of coaching at the amateur level and an impressive career as a baseball player himself.  He was a 1993 NCAA All-American for the University of New Mexico, a 19th round draft pick in the MLB draft and spent 7 years in the San Francisco Giants minor league system.

The loss of 2008 NSIC Player of the Year, Adam Kampsen, will certainly be felt by the Wolves are picked to finish 12th in the conference for 2009.  They are off to a 1-3 start for the season.  Mark Gulseth Bio

1. In what area(s) are you looking for your team to make the biggest improvement over 2008?

We really need to improve as a pitching staff, specifically throwing more strikes, walking and hitting less batters.  We also need to improve defensively if we are going to win games in the conference.

2. What newcomers to your team look like they will make the biggest impact?

We have a young team with a lot of new faces.  Freshman Michael Gardner will make in an impact for us on the mound.  Dillon Talley will add speed to our outfield.  Kai Alexander will add quickness and is a slick fielding infielder.

3. What’s your philosophy regarding recruiting out of high school vs. college transfers?

We go after the kids that will have a chance to help us immediately, sometimes that is a high school kid and sometimes it is a junior college transfer.  We get both.

4. What Northern Sun team do you consider to be your schools biggest rival?

Our biggest rival will probably be Augustana because of their proximity to us.

5. Who has been the biggest influence on your coaching philosophy and/or career?

My athletic director Bob Olson has helped me tremendously in my first 2 years as a college coach.

The Northern Sun Baseball Blog would like to thank Mark Gulseth for taking time out of his schedule to answer these questions.

Northern Sun Baseball Blog Expanding Reach

Starting a new baseball blog was driven by an interest in Northern Sun Baseball but also by a need to “get with” the new generation of communication out there.  I’ve always been driven by an interest to learn new things so researching and using blogging tools, search engine optimization and how to publicize your blog is interesting stuff to me.  Yesterday I added new options to make it easier to subscribe to this blog in a newsreader or subscribe via a daily e-mail (check top right corner).

Beyond that though, I also wanted to move into the realm of social networking.  So I activated a long dormant Facebook account and have been adding accounts for things like Digg, Technorati, Delicious and BlogCatalog.  Most adults think of Facebook as a college connection tool but I’m learning about it’s power to connect me to family and friends and see that almost everyone could benefit.

Finally, that leads me to Twitter.  For those that aren’t familiar with Twitter it’s the next evolution of social networking.  The best definition I’ve seen to describe it is “a social networking utility for staying connected in real time”.  It takes you from Facebook which connects you every time you are at your computer and moves to real time connection, especially when combined with mobile devices.  The best use I’ve seen actually is many congressmen are using it to update members on legislation multiple times per day – Tweet Congress

For the time being, I have set up a Twitter account under the username – D2Baseball.  I’ve also linked my blog to it so basically every 30 minutes it will feed any blog post to Twitter in order for subscribers to see my updates.  These can be accessed via mobile phone or e-mail.

There’s a whole world out there but these connection tools are bringing us closer together all the time.

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