Concordia Issues News Release On Blog


After attending a Northern Sun game on Saturday it occurred to me that I should be treating this blog like a real news outlet.  I recall other blogs like The Daily Gopher getting press passes to attend Minnesota Gopher football games.  Maybe I should be reaching out to the schools themselves as well.  I could save myself the $5 admission charge next time if I could get a press pass – hey, in this economy every little bit helps right?

I had already been thinking about sending out a questionnaire to league coaches as a way of getting exposure and getting some content for the blog.  So I drafted an e-mail to all 13 coaches and included the Sports Information Directors at each school as well.  If I’m going to cover the schools like a real media source I should get introduced to them as well.  On the lighter side, one of the responses I received was from Wayne State.  They wrote back to tell me that I had sent it to Wayne State in Michigan and that I meant to send it to the Wayne State in Nebraska.  My reputation as a serious journalist was already having problems.

I did receive an almost instantaneous response from Concordia University.  Their coach, Mark McKenzie, responded to my request almost immediately and was very gracious in doing so.  I’ll be posting his responses sometime in the next 2 weeks after I see if others do likewise.  What did catch my eye was that this morning I started getting referral traffic from Concordia.  I went to check it out and they had actually posted a news release about my 2 week old blog on their site.  Needless to say, I’m impressed by Concordia and their responsiveness.  Check it out here – Baseball Blog Covering NSIC Launched

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