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College Baseball Division 1 Update

In The Fieldhouse

Division 1 college programs have started getting ready for the upcoming season.  While this blog is focused on Division 2 and specifically the Northern Sun Conference it’s hard to be a fan of college baseball and not follow the big schools as well.  As they get closer to starting their seasons the following stories might be interesting if you’d like to get caught up on what to expect for the coming year.

  • USA Today has an article that talks about the controversial change that the NCAA enacted in 2008 which mandated that all Division 1 programs would use a condensed schedule reducing the regular season from 17 to 13 weeks.  This really should help the northern schools which weren’t on a level playing field because of the weather and field availability but it has caused lots of schools to make some hard decisions about scheduling to the 56 game limit.  This story describes how some teams are scheduling scrimmages in the fall to make up for lost games in the spring and how Fresno State may have benefited from this new rule to help them to a National Championship – USA Today – Condensed Baseball Schedule Article
  • Ping! Baseball has their Division 1 Preseason Top 30 rankings up which includes capsules on each of the teams.  Their pick for the number 1 team is the University of North Carolina which has made it to Omaha for the College World Series each of the last 3 years.  Ping Baseball – Top 30 Rankings
  • Baseball America has a ton of college baseball content and while it’s all excellent, the majority of it is available via a paid subscription only.  That said, they did make available their Preseason Top 25 Chat which covers a number of topics and teams – Baseball America – Top 25 Preseason Chat
  • Finally, Yahoo/Rivals has some good college baseball coverage and should be checked out on a regular basis.  There are a number of stories already posted but the one that caught my interest was about the rebirth of the baseball program at Oregon University.  They haven’t had a baseball program for 28 years but the success of the Oregon State Beavers (NCAA Champions in 2006 & 2007) may have helped revive the program.  There is a Minnesota angle as well since one of the players for the Ducks is freshman, Madison Boer, who played last year for Eden Prairie HS in Minnesota.  Oregon’s Reborn Baseball Team

Concordia Issues News Release On Blog


After attending a Northern Sun game on Saturday it occurred to me that I should be treating this blog like a real news outlet.  I recall other blogs like The Daily Gopher getting press passes to attend Minnesota Gopher football games.  Maybe I should be reaching out to the schools themselves as well.  I could save myself the $5 admission charge next time if I could get a press pass – hey, in this economy every little bit helps right?

I had already been thinking about sending out a questionnaire to league coaches as a way of getting exposure and getting some content for the blog.  So I drafted an e-mail to all 13 coaches and included the Sports Information Directors at each school as well.  If I’m going to cover the schools like a real media source I should get introduced to them as well.  On the lighter side, one of the responses I received was from Wayne State.  They wrote back to tell me that I had sent it to Wayne State in Michigan and that I meant to send it to the Wayne State in Nebraska.  My reputation as a serious journalist was already having problems.

I did receive an almost instantaneous response from Concordia University.  Their coach, Mark McKenzie, responded to my request almost immediately and was very gracious in doing so.  I’ll be posting his responses sometime in the next 2 weeks after I see if others do likewise.  What did catch my eye was that this morning I started getting referral traffic from Concordia.  I went to check it out and they had actually posted a news release about my 2 week old blog on their site.  Needless to say, I’m impressed by Concordia and their responsiveness.  Check it out here – Baseball Blog Covering NSIC Launched

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