Live From The Dome – Bulldogs 7, Marauders 6

Minnesota Duluth  U of Mary

I just got back from the Metrodome to see my first live college game of the season where the Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs beat the University of Mary Marauders by the score of 7-6 in 8 innings.  Senior Co-Captain, Cole Hytjan started for the Bulldogs and was very shaky during his start.  I wasn’t keeping score, but he had 4 hit batsmen in the first 3 innings along with a few walks.  In fact, he got away with leaving 5 Mary players during the first 2 innings but it finally caught up with him in the top of the 3rd inning with Marauders 3rd baseman, Nate Watson, connected on a pitch down the middle and hit a no doubt grand slam.  Duluth had been up 1-0 but found themselves in a 5-1 hole by the middle of the 4th.

It looked like the game was over in the bottom of the 7th as U-Mary brought in their closer, Blaze Culliton.  The Bulldogs got men on 1st and 2nd with 1 out when the next batter hit a come backer to the pitcher.  Culliton rushed what should have been a double play and threw it behind the shortstop so that everyone was safe.  The Bulldogs scored one on the play and got a sacrifice fly to send it into extra innings.  In the bottom of the 8th, Culliton gave up a walk and then the next batter hit it past the drawn in 3rd baseman who was expecting a bunt.  Freshman, Anders Engberg, was called in to pinch hit with no one out but couldn’t get the bunts down so had to swing away with 2 strikes.  He hit a chopper that the 3rd baseman had to go to his left on.  He hesitated his throw to 2nd and then finally decided to go there anyway but the throw was in the dirt (or grass as it may be as the Metrodome has no dirt around the bases).  The ball bounded into right field and the winning run trotted across the plate.

The teams were slated to play a 2nd game – they may have a hard time getting 7 innings completed as St. Cloud State has their own double header at 5pm.

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