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Live From The Dome – Bulldogs 7, Marauders 6

Minnesota Duluth  U of Mary

I just got back from the Metrodome to see my first live college game of the season where the Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs beat the University of Mary Marauders by the score of 7-6 in 8 innings.  Senior Co-Captain, Cole Hytjan started for the Bulldogs and was very shaky during his start.  I wasn’t keeping score, but he had 4 hit batsmen in the first 3 innings along with a few walks.  In fact, he got away with leaving 5 Mary players during the first 2 innings but it finally caught up with him in the top of the 3rd inning with Marauders 3rd baseman, Nate Watson, connected on a pitch down the middle and hit a no doubt grand slam.  Duluth had been up 1-0 but found themselves in a 5-1 hole by the middle of the 4th.

It looked like the game was over in the bottom of the 7th as U-Mary brought in their closer, Blaze Culliton.  The Bulldogs got men on 1st and 2nd with 1 out when the next batter hit a come backer to the pitcher.  Culliton rushed what should have been a double play and threw it behind the shortstop so that everyone was safe.  The Bulldogs scored one on the play and got a sacrifice fly to send it into extra innings.  In the bottom of the 8th, Culliton gave up a walk and then the next batter hit it past the drawn in 3rd baseman who was expecting a bunt.  Freshman, Anders Engberg, was called in to pinch hit with no one out but couldn’t get the bunts down so had to swing away with 2 strikes.  He hit a chopper that the 3rd baseman had to go to his left on.  He hesitated his throw to 2nd and then finally decided to go there anyway but the throw was in the dirt (or grass as it may be as the Metrodome has no dirt around the bases).  The ball bounded into right field and the winning run trotted across the plate.

The teams were slated to play a 2nd game – they may have a hard time getting 7 innings completed as St. Cloud State has their own double header at 5pm.

Interesting Items


In trying to dig up items of interest I’ve come across a number of college baseball and Northern Sun related items that are worth sharing. 

Ping! Baseball has enlisted the help of a number of players across college baseball to write journals of their experiences throughout the season.  The majority of the players are in Division 1 but one of those selected was Tim Radmacher who is a senior pitcher for St. Cloud State.  In his first journal he writes –

Looking back on the weekend, I am proud of the way that our guys played.  We played with our hearts on the field and came out with a record of 1-1 for the weekend.  Although not the way we wanted to start, it was a good weekend to go out and see how far we’ve come and what we need to work on to become the team we want to be.

His journal entry is both funny and interesting and I’d recommend it.  I’m sure I’ll check back on it during the year – Radmacher Journal

In other news –

  • I added a number of links that will take you to the Northern Sun Conference site for updated schedule, statistics and standings.  I thought about adding the standings here but why recreate the wheel.
  • If you want to follow Division 2 baseball in general the best source for game recaps and information that I’ve found is The College Baseball Blog.  Here’s an example of one of their stories covering last year’s National Runner-up, Ouachita Baptist (ranked #5) and their recent series win over #18 ranked Angelo State – Ouachita Baptist Wins Series

Thursday-Friday Recap & Saturday Preview

Old Baseballs

Since my last update a number of additional games have taken place at the Metrodome with results that would surprise no one.

  • Minnesota Crookston came very close to beating Dakota State in their season opener on Thursday but ended up losing 3-2.  They then lost the 2nd game 5-2.  On Friday they played Bemidji State and got beaten handily by scores of 10-1 and 11-5.  Crookston – Dakota State Recap  Crookston – Bemidji State Recap
  • Bemidji State also got into the swing of games with 2 games each on Thursday and Friday at the dome.  On Thursday they played 2 games against the Northern State Wolves where they lost the opening game 9-8 but came back to win the nightcap 7-2.  With their Friday sweep of Crookston, the Beavers are off to a 3-1 start to the season.  Bemidji State Recap
  • The University of Mary started their season on Friday with a double header against Concordia – St. Paul.  In the first game the Marauders fared the same as Northern State did when facing the Golden Bears as Concordia didn’t allow a run and won the game 4-0.  Mary was able to finally dent Concordia’s pitching staff in the 2nd game but still lost 8-3.  U of Mary Recap
  • Minnesota Duluth will kick off their season today against the University of Mary with a doubleheader at the dome.  They have a very nice preview of their season and series here – Duluth Preview   This is the first time that these 2 teams have ever met.  In other Duluth news, the Bulldogs have replaced Dakota State on Concordia’s schedule and the 2 teams will now play a pair of games this Tuesday at 9am in the Metrodome.  $5 to see 2 games seems like a pretty good piece of value – Concordia Announces Schedule Change

Northern Sun Teams Fill Metrodome

Metrodome Interior

We are in the middle of a stretch between Feb 1st and Feb 10th where Northern Sun baseball teams will play 20 games at the Metrodome.  As I mentioned in an earlier posting, if and when that place gets torn down it will be a serious blow to upper midwest college teams.  So, as is typical for a division 2 game, the homer dome wasn’t filled with people, just teams playing baseball for the love of playing.  Here’s how much the dome means to the teams of the Northern Sun Conference –


As you can see, pretty much every team in or north of the Twin Cities is counting on the Metrodome to get in early season games without having to travel too far south.  With the economic issues facing all colleges it’s a good guess that without the dome in place a lot of these teams would end up with fewer games instead of trying to travel south more often.

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