Northern Sun Blog Gets Attention


One thing that’s interesting about the idea of doing a blog is that you have this hope that somebody out there will care about your effort.  Now it’s quite early in this blog’s existence but this spot has already received some attention. 

Yesterday, I got around to posting my site on Google so that I could try and get into their search engine and also posted the address on a few message boards.  My traffic shot off the roof by a factor of 8!  Considering my previous high was 3 that wasn’t hard to do.  But what really got me a little excited was the following:

  • Comments were posted for the first time – interacting with other fans who are passionate about baseball is something that is always fun
  • The blog received a link on an established college baseball blog.  I’m not sure how he found me but I started getting traffic from Big Ten Hardball – Big Ten Hardball
  • I received an e-mail from a former Northern Sun assistant coach who now coaches in a different D2 conference.  He liked what I was doing so he could follow his former team and wished someone in his conference would do the same.

What I’m trying to say is – I appreciate the feedback 🙂

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